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Good childhood memory: I guess, I had a cat when I was younger.

What makes you happy now: I have a cat now.

Good childhood memory: So many of them! Christmas of 1979, temperature was about 67 degrees outside. Me and my brother had gotten matching leather jackets and some headphones for christmas, the big ones that they used to have. We got that, and we got bikes.

Happy now: My wife and kids.

Good childhood memory: Oh lord. Spending time with my sisters. We used to hangout and my sister would braid my hair all the time.
Happy now: Spending time with family, spending time with friends. Getting home while the sun is still up.

Good childhood memory in black: Vacations with my family. In blue: I would agree. What makes you happy now: The same
Good childhood memory: Oh my god. Playing baseball in the park by my house. Happy now: my children